How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome!

How to Know the Signs and what action to take with


I always thought that was something to do with being nervous about teaching a class or
being in front of a class and never really dived deep, to be honest into the full concept of
what Imposter Syndrome is. Historically, I would get over it and go beyond what I had
thought it was!

Not until I leaped from being the teacher in front of the class to being the teacher trainer in
front of the class did I truly understand that such a leap could have such an impact?
It’s like going into something that’s beyond your depth, even though you know what to do,
How to do it, a voice in your head is telling you that you are a fraud, an imposter and that
someone is going to find out and call you out!!

It is like anxiously waiting for the call or the doorbell to ring and someone was going to call
you out there and then – You’re caught! (that would nearly be a relief)
I was aware that I was feeling physically sick in my stomach or gut and it was then with that
sign that I chose to dive deeper into this sensation and do some research.
As I said Previously, I had heard historically about imposter syndrome but never really
investigated it more!!

After Researching, and listening to ted talks, I discovered that imposter syndrome is not unusual most successful people have this a lot, It’s essentially a thought that is being fed!! Like all negative thoughts, the more they are fed the more they’ll grow, right?

So, I called it out, Stopped feeding it, and with my life coaching and mental fitness skills used
a strategy to identify it, call it out, and then take action!

As a result, I did not let this phenomenon get in my way of delivering my first teacher
training course I ended up going above and beyond my delivery to 10 people, and the
feedback was phenomenal. Gave me confidence and a pep in my step.

Here are the results afterward, A surge of confidence to create a collaborated day retreat for
Empowering women in business who have experienced this and want tools to manage it, I
get a call from the radio to ask me to talk about it and here I am writing a blog !! Success

However, I know of another situation where a person close to me experienced this, had
all the physical cues, and froze in front of a class. Mumbled up everything he was
meant to say and felt awful afterward after he received the critical feedback he wanted
to crumble because he knew his stuff, but the imposter syndrome got the better of him.
He acted and learned from it and is ready to come back stronger.

It’s not a bad thing to get imposter syndrome you can transform it into a positive
thing, just like in the two stories above. Know that when you are going in deeper it is going to
get marshier, imposter syndrome is going to try to get the better of you, but don’t back down!!

Do not give up!! Yes you may feel physically sick but treat that as a positive sign, you’re
going in deeper, you’re leaping, you’re taking the next step, and when you do I
promise you it’s so sweet on the other side!

Here are my Tips to help you identify Imposter syndrome.

• Awareness
• Action

These are the actions for staying in the present moment to be more aware and
notice the physical signs.

• Listen to the body.
• Body scan – from head to toe and toe to head.
• Breathe – in for 4 out for 4 passes for 4 between each breath aka the box breathe
• Ground – close your eyes if that feels comfortable for you and visualize an anchor
from a pocket leaving your body and going down through the floorboards, through
the concrete, the stones, the rocks, the earth, and into the center of the earth,
anchor and when you feel anchored make your war back to your body
• Protection – imagine a capsule (not a bubble a bubble is too easy to burst ) around
your entire body protecting your body and your energy visualize the color and

Use these anytime, anywhere except closing your eyes when you are driving!!

This is the Ted Talk I Listening to HERE that was a powerful insight

And here’s a recent Recording from a radio chat show I was on talking about imposter syndrome HERE