“Recharge and Renew: The Mini Women’s Day Retreat”

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  • January 6, 2024
  • Saturday, 1:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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“Recharge and Renew: The Mini Women’s Day Retreat”

Saturday, 1:00 AM to 5:00 PM
January 6, 2024


Escape to a haven of tranquility and self-care with our Mini Women’s Day Retreat, a carefully curated experience designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. This intimate gathering is a celebration of femininity, self-love, and empowerment, where you can reconnect with your inner self and find a sense of balance in the midst of life’s demands.

Relaxation and Revitalization:

Begin your day by entering a world of serenity, as you step into our luxurious retreat location. Surrounded by nature, our peaceful setting offers the perfect backdrop for a day of self-indulgence and reflection.

Afternoon Tea:

Indulge in a delectable afternoon tea, where you’ll savor an assortment of finger sandwiches, pastries, and a selection of herbal teas. This culinary experience is a delightful way to nourish your body while connecting with other like-minded women.

Sauna & Hot Tub:

Step into the soothing warmth of our sauna, where the heat will melt away tension and detoxify your body. Following your sauna session, submerge yourself in our inviting hot tub, providing a blissful relaxation experience that will leave you feeling utterly refreshed.

Sound Bath:

Immerse yourself in a symphony of healing vibrations during a Sound Bath session. Our expert sound healer will use various instruments like singing bowls, gongs, and chimes to create a sensory journey, harmonizing your body’s energy and promoting deep relaxation and inner peace.

Yoga Nidra:

Elevate your sense of inner peace and mindfulness through a guided Yoga Nidra session. This ancient practice, often referred to as “yogic sleep,” will guide you into a state of profound relaxation and heightened awareness. You’ll emerge with a sense of clarity and tranquility that extends far beyond the session itself.

Throughout this mini retreat, you’ll find the time and space for self-reflection and connection with other women who share your journey. The environment is carefully designed to foster self-discovery and inspire you to embrace your own unique strength and resilience.

Whether you’re seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, a chance to deepen your mindfulness practice, or simply a day to pamper yourself, our Mini Women’s Day Retreat offers a sanctuary where you can recharge, renew, and celebrate the incredible woman that you are. Join us for this exceptional experience of self-care, rejuvenation, and empowerment.